Welcome to Be Ready to Smile!

Be Ready to Smile is a web-based mobile app designed to help parents learn about the importance of their children’s first teeth. Parents will be learning about ways to work with their children, using positive parenting strategies, in order to care for those important first teeth. 

Let’s make sure every child is ready to smile!

The Be Ready to Smile program consists of ten sessions, designed to support important oral health behaviors for families. In each of the sessions, parents learn important skills to help their child  be ready to smile. 

Children Have Fun Learning

Children will have fun with the Be Ready to Smile app learning how to care for their teeth. Children with better health are happier, and so are their parents.  

Positive Parenting Tips

Parents learn practical skills to teach their child how to care for their teeth in a positive way. The solution includes a video that can be shown by parenting educators in parenting education classes. We help your child to Be Ready to Smile.  

Know Your Sugars

Sugars are in pop, candy, juice, and even milk.  

Be Ready to Smile!

Be Ready to Smile is an app available on any mobile device that helps parents teach their children how to properly care for their important first teeth. Be Ready to Smile helps parents have fun with their children while they practice oral health care together. Parents will also learn about sugars, science-based facts about fluoride, when a child should have their first visit to the dentist and help reach goals one step at a time. 

A Solution for Parents to Teach their Children How to Care for Their Teeth

Our research shows the Be Ready to Smile app works for parents to improve children’s oral health, use  positive parenting strategies, and helps parents gain confidence, as well as improve attitudes towards the importance of brushing

Easy to Use

Be Ready to Smile is easy to use for parents to use. The average score for ease of use was 3.3 on a 4-point scale.  

Improves Knowledge, Confidence, and Attitudes

Parents showed significant improvement in their knowledge of oral health care, attitudes towards the importance of brushing with their children, and increased their intention to brush twice daily with their children. Parents also showed an increase in confidence.  

Improves Child Cooperation

Approximately 81% of parents reported an increase in cooperation from their child after using the Be Ready to Smile program. 

What Be Ready to Smile users say!

Parents who used the Be Ready to Smile app said

  • “I really liked using the mobile app.”


  • “It’s nice to hear something positive for a change.” 


  • “I enjoyed the break-down of the videos/sessions.”


  • “It makes it fun by having them brush my teeth too. I feel it will help with their ‘no,’ … I’m going to aim for 2 times a day now.” 

    Learn more about Be Ready to Smile

    Be Ready to Smile was developed through a private/public collaboration between Influents Innovations, Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative, and Oregon Community Foundation. Click below to learn more about the research behind the Be Ready to Smile solution.