What is Click City® Tobacco
  • An evidence-based online tobacco prevention program for 5th and 6th grade students.
  • Includes content about e-cigarettes/vaping products, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.
  • Consists of eight lessons (15 - 20 minutes each) delivered over four weeks.
  • Meets curriculum standards (health, science and math) with optional activities that meet additional standards.
  • Requires little teacher time. Students work on it individually, allowing for teacher flexibility.
  • Delivered with fidelity. The program automatically tracks student progress and delivers program content sequentially so that all students progress through the entire program in the same sequence.
  • Program includes parent newsletters, with talking points for positive parent-student communication about tobacco.
  • Program includes a teacher’s manual.
  • Click City® Tobacco staff are available for technical and program support.
Who Created Click City® Tobacco?

The original Click City® Tobacco program was developed at the Oregon Research Institute through a grant from the National Cancer Institute (R01CA098555; Principal Investigator: Judy Andrews, PhD). The program was revised and enhanced at Oregon Research Behavioral Intervention Strategies, Inc., also known as Influents Innovations, through a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R44DA044025; Multiple Principal Investigators: Judy Andrews, PhD and Judith Gordon, PhD).

The Science Behind Click City® Tobacco

Learn more about the science behind Click City® Tobacco.

Click City® Tobacco Results

Effectiveness of Click City® Tobacco (pdf file)