Resources for Teachers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens when the student completes a lesson?
A. The student exits the program. The program remembers where students leave off and starts the next lesson the next time the student logs in.

Q. What happens if the student leaves the program in the middle of an activity?
A: When they return, the student will start at the beginning of that activity.

Q. If a student is sick they might have to make up lessons. Can they do more than two in a day?
A. You can allow them to do more than one lesson a day by changing the default for that student in the teacher’s portal.

Q. Can the entire class do more than two lessons in a week?
A. Yes, if you change the default for each student in the class.

Q. What happens if the student tries to do two lessons on the same day?
A. A warning sign appears telling them they cannot do two lessons on the same day.

Q. What if the student inadvertently clicks on a new tab or hits the back button in the browser?
A: The program may malfunction or stop. Have the student log back in which will take them back to the beginning of the last activity they were in.

Q. Which way should students orient an iPad or tablet?
A: The program will work best in landscape.

Q. What if the program won’t work?
A: Make sure that the Click City website is not blocked.