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INFLUENTS: Organisms that have a major effect on the nature of their communities.

Our Mission

Established in December 2013, Influents Innovations leverages research and technology to tackle tough challenges in health care, social services and education. Through collaboration among in-house scientists and partnerships with universities and research centers throughout the country, we translate rigorous research into evidence-based programs that improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities
Our impactful, culturally relevant programs have demonstrated positive improvements in perinatal depression, pre-K literacy, STEM literacy, oral health, parenting, health literacy, decision-making by at-risk youth, willingness and intention to smoke or vape by fifth-grade students, and more.  
We serve a diverse range of clients, including health care providers, schools, state education departments, and social service agencies.

Our Team

We take on complex challenges, and our dynamic, multidisciplinary team ensures our solutions are innovative and effective.
Our experts include:

Research Scientists · Clinicians · Methodologists
Graphic Designers · Media Producers
Software Engineers · Education Translators · Project Managers


We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge behavioral research with innovative technologies to tackle critical needs in health, education, and social services. Explore our portfolio. 

Be Ready To Smile

Be Ready To Smile helps parents prioritize their children’s first teeth by fostering positive parenting strategies and making toothbrushing fun. 


The MomMoodBooster (MMB) app offers a secure, confidential intervention for postpartum depression, empowering women to overcome negative thoughts, increase positivity, and regain life balance.

Click City: Tobacco

Click City®: Tobacco is an online, digital curriculum for 5th and 6th grade students. The engaging mix of games and informative videos has been shown to reduce intentions and willingness to smoke or vape in the future.

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