Grant Services

Influents Innovations offers a variety of a la carte services to other businesses, leveraging our expertise in research design and analysis; grant writing and submission; media development and graphic design; and cultural adaptation of products and services.


Strategy and Grantsmanship

Our organization can assist with selecting the institute and/or agency that would offer the greatest likelihood of success. We regularly review institute/agency priorities and profile the types of proposals that are being funded. This category of service includes general consulting on the SBIR/STTR mechanism across the federal agencies that support it. As part of our service to clients, we offer summaries of success rates across NIH institutes and descriptions of their SBIR/STTR priorities.

Content Review

We can review all or selected components of the proposal and offer feedback to improve success. This can be as basic as recommending content to include and questions to answer within grant sections, or more in-depth, such as providing specific content domain expertise. 

We have experts on research design and data analysis (including analysis of brain imaging data), protection of human research participants, commercialization plans, best uses of technology, and a broad range of behavioral science content areas.  

Our team can also review budgets and budget justifications for consistency and NIH compliance, and our staff includes experts on allowable expenses and expected budget components.  

As part of our service to clients, we offer annotated outlines for proposals, tutorial slide decks, and other supporting materials as well as curated content from publicly available sources. 

Content Creation and Production

We can assist by creating content, such as: 

  • Graphics (e.g., figures, graphs, information graphics, diagrams, etc.) 
  • Commercialization plans for Phase II (NIH) and Phase I (NSF) proposals 
  • Commercialization considerations for Phase I (NIH) proposals 
  • Data analysis plans and power analyses 
  • Intellectual property considerations 
  • Literature review support 
Proposal Content Formatting

Our team has considerable expertise and experience with the 424 family of forms as well as formatting requirements and constraints (e.g., latest rules on biosketches, references, spacing, fonts, and Forms-G). 


Strategy and Grantsmanship

We have an excellent track record of error-free submissions on our first try. Submission services include: 

  • Final assembly, preparation, and verification of the grant application package 
  • Submission to the appropriate federal agency 
  • Monitoring and resolving errors 


Pre-Award Support

Program officials and grants management offices at the federal agencies typically request additional information before offering the final grant award. We can support your team in gathering, formatting, and submitting the appropriate information to complete the just-in-time package.

Post-Award Support

After the grant is awarded, we can provide additional services including: 

  • Registration and set-up on the federal payment management system 
  • registration 
  • Support with reporting obligations and closeout requirements


    Influents Innovations employs a diverse team of research professionals, and we also have easy access to a variety of specialists. We are happy to provide RAs, data analysts, project managers or coordinators as needed.