T-BIDS, a Technology Based Intervention Delivery System, provides a framework for creating web-based and mobile intervention apps with integrated administrative support portals.

Flexible, Customizable, Secure


From the T-BIDS library of features, you select those that best support your program or research. We can also design custom features to meet the unique needs of your program. T-BIDS protects all data collection and monitoring activities with state-of-the-art security protocols.

What Can You Do With T-BIDS?

  • Convert your research findings into products that make a difference in peoples’ lives, in education, behavioral, health and social services
  • TBIDs creates mobile and web-based apps that can deliver:
    • Professional development and training, and provided scalable corporate training programs
    • Health management programs and interventions
    • Parenting support
    • (what else can we promote here?) 
  • You can conduct research and collect data about users’ health indicators, progress, and mastery of curriculum 
  • Provides separate portals for different types of users (e.g. administrator, trainer, teacher, coach, participant, student) 

  • Anything else we should mention? 
Flexible, Customizable, Secure

What Our Partners Say

“It’s nice to hear something positive for a change.”

“I enjoyed the break-down of the videos/sessions.”

“I really liked using the mobile app.”

“I really liked using the mobile app.”

“It makes it fun by having them brush my teeth to. I feel it will help their ‘no,’ … I’m going to aim for 2 times a day now.”

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