Click City


: Tobacco

An engaging, evidence-based vaping and tobacco prevention digital curriculum designed for 5th grade students, with a booster in the 6th grade.

Click City: Tobacco

Using interactive game-based learning and science-based lessons, Click City: Tobacco addresses risk factors associated with the onset of tobacco/nicotine use by youth.

Easy to Use for Teachers

Click City: Tobacco requires little teacher time to deliver, making it easy to incorporate into your existing curriculum and deliver with fidelity. Plus, ready-to-go parent newsletters are available in both English and Spanish. 

Students Work Independently

The online curriculum allows students to work independently, engaging with the program through interactive games and activities. Students improve their health literacy throughout the program. 

Educational Standards

A mixture of activities including videos of young people and gamified learning are designed to meet state educational standards for preventing tobacco use.  

Effective, Evidence-Based Health Curriculum

This effective program focuses on preventing the onset of vaping nicotine with e-cigarettes, as well as the initiation of cigarettes and chew. It is designed for 5th or 6th grade students, who typically have not started to use any nicotine or tobacco product.  
The program focuses on risk factors predictive of future use. Students learn the health consequences associated with using tobacco and vaping, the ease of getting addicted and the psychological effects of addiction, and the social pressures associated with using nicotine.
Students independently navigate through the eight science-based lessons in the program, using their own secure login. Each lesson consists of two or three fun activities that take place in different locations in “Click City.” On average, each lesson takes a student 20-25 minutes to complete. A two-lesson booster, designed to be delivered in the 6th grade, repeats the key points of the program, encouraging retention.
The program, along with provided optional activities, meets curriculum standards in health and science in most states.
Students can complete one or two lessons a week, allowing flexibility for teachers in their planning. A survey is provided for students to take before and after the program. Teachers and schools can decide which measures to use to assess student attitudes toward tobacco and e-cigarettes.  
See the findings from our most recent study published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Assessing the Pragmatic Effectiveness and Implementation of Click City®: Tobacco (Andrews et al., 2023).

A Tobacco Prevention Solution Teachers and Students Enjoy

The Value of Click City: Tobacco

Easy for Students to Use

  • Provides options for in-person, hybrid, and online students.
  • Easy for students to use independently.
  • Students create a username and set up their own accounts using a class code from the teacher.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Click City: Tobacco requires little teacher time and minimal teacher training.   
  • The program guides students sequentially and does not allow them to skip around. This reduces time off task and missed content, and increases program fidelity. 
  • Little supervision of students is required.
  • Teachers can use their own computer to monitor students’ progress.

Easy to Deploy in Schools

  • Ready-to-go parent newsletters in English and Spanish make communication with families quick and easy.
  • Requires only web-browser software to use the program.
  • An easy-to-use Teacher’s Guide is available online. 
  • Technical support is provided by Influents Innovations to support school staff using Click City: Tobacco.


Rigorous Development and Evaluation

  • Prior to including activities in the program, they were evaluated to ensure they change the risk factor they were designed to change.  
  • Two rigorous randomized trials (Andrews et al., 2014; Andrews et al., 2023) demonstrated that the program is evidenced-based. 
  • A recent trial (Andrews et al., 2023) showed that the program is effective in real-world classroom settings 

What Our Users Say!

I thought it was very well organized and put together. It was easy for the kids to navigate and they had very few questions for me as the teacher.


It was an engaging program that aimed at countering social pressures that students will soon experience. It had good science and also engaging games and other interesting materials for the students. The students often talked about the content outside the course, and it sparked lots of thought and curiosity to know more.


The program was simple for me to use as a teacher. It was very easy for my students to access the lessons.


“I watched the students become thoroughly engaged in the content. That is the best way to guarantee delivery of the learning.


“Students enjoyed it. They really liked the format a lot.”


“Good information presented in an effective way.”


The program is excellent and the students really enjoyed it. The graphics and videos are high-quality and engaging, and the games and interactive components make the strongest argument against the use of tobacco that I’ve seen in a long time.


We love Click City days!”